We offer products and services to help you develop and improve your business to provide improved customer relationships and increased profit

We have a proven track record working with organisations large and small in both the manufacturing and service sectors

In order to improve anything first you need to measure it. How else will you know if whatever change has the desired effect?

We offer effective ways of measuring your business internally at Organisational and Individual levels and externally from your Customer and Supplier perspectives. .

We provide detailed analysis of the measurements obtained that will clearly show on which aspects you need to focus your attentions and just as importantly which aspects are OK as they are! .

All businesses no matter what size or what products or services they provide can benefit from operating within the guidelines of a Quality Management System (QMS)

The most common system that would be appropriate for most businesses is ISO9001-2015.

Companies that operate within the automotive industry may be required to comform to ISO-TS16949 which includes specific automotive customer requirements*

*Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP), Production Part Approval Process (PPAP), Measurement System Analysis (MSA) are some of the specific automotive standard requirements

Clyde House has experience in working with both OEMs and SMEs to successfully install and achieve accreditation to these international quality standards.

We will be happy to help and support you to install and/or maintain a QMS that will provide you with the basis for conformance, continuous improvement, and the means to demonstrate to your customers your commitment to quality.

John, founder of Clyde House Business Development (CHBD) has over 30 years experience as an engineer, manager and director in quality, operations and programme management working in organisations such as Thorn EMI, Black and Decker, and BNL (UK) Ltd. He holds a Bachelor of Science Honours degree in Management Studies and has completed several years of research and consultancy in operations management and organisational development.

Ben who heads up the Thailand operation graduated from the highly acclaimed Chulalongkorn University (Thailand) with a Batchelor and Masters Degree in Engineering. During a 10 year period while operating in managerial roles in a leading manufacturing company he successfully implemented a TQM program which was one of the first in Thailand. He was also a member of the Thai Industrial Standard Technical Committee. Ben has more than 10 years experience in Business Development Consultancy successfully working with high profile clients such as Mitsubishi, K Line, Dextra, Yamaha (Thailand), YS Pund and Bridgestone.

Phil who is based in Bradford West Yorkshire is a highly respected management development and training consultant with more than twenty years experience successfully working with many household name blue chip companies. The foundation for his highly successful career in consultancy was developed during a long and varied career with the Xerox Corporation.