The effectiveness of your business is directly impacted by levels of staff engagement. To accurately measure staff engagement and thus the prevailing culture in your organisation would offer you the key to convert negative attitudes into productive actions.

The Employee Motivation and Empowerment Measure `EM2 Diagnostic` clearly defines staff engagement and organisational culture identifying areas that require attention and those that are fine as they are.

Career path planning and personal development are important in any business to ensure that you not only retain your best people but that you also get the best out of them.

As with any other business activity you need to be able to define and measure what it is you are trying to improve.

The Holistic Personal Profile measure 'HPP Diagnostic' provides a clear definition and accurate measurement of an individuals strengths and weaknesses as perceived by their co-workers and can therefore be used as the basis for personal development.

The need for individual manager development can often be highlighted when using the EM2 Diagnostic model.

The survey covers six key skills of a well rounded manager; Task, Motivational, Developmental, Innovational, Leadership and Core Values, and is an important factor in Business Excellence.


Clyde house can provide a customer satisfaction survey process which will provide accurate feedback from your customers in terms of what you are doing well, and probably more importantly areas where there are opportunities for improvement

By understanding what your customers really want, you can align your processes to their needs which should;

Reduce customer complaints

Improve customer satisfaction

Improve your efficiency

Thus reduce costs and;

Increase loyalty

Develop partnerships

We will develop a questionnaire tailored to match your business and your customers. We can also conduct telephone interviews on your behalf for strategically important customers.

You will receive a comprehensive report detailing the results, indicating areas of strength and weakness and suggesting opportunities for improvement.

We reccomend that the survey is repeated periodically to ensure that actions taken in response to the previous survey were successful and to establih trends

Most modern Organisations understand that suppliers are an important extension of their own operation and as such need to be developed so that they become a seamless part of theirsupply chain process.

It is therefore essential for Organisations to measure supplier performance in order to identify areas that need attention and then to work with them to develop appropriate systems to meet their specific requirements.

CHBD has decades of experience in Supplier assessment, development and measurement.

We can help you design a Supplier Development system that is appropriate for your Organisation and then support you and your suppliers in its application.

Your Organisation will benefit from improvements in Quality, Prices, Inventory levels etc. and through the development of a more dynamic relationship with its suppliers.

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